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Data has made a tremendous and positive impact on the financial, marketing, sport, logistics, health and so many other industries. RealTelligence is bringing that positive impact to the real estate industry.

After tracking and testing years of data, we’ve unlocked the key to predicting a homebuyer’s and seller’s likelihood of success. And we provide that information to users in a customer-focused manner that allows the user to increase their competitive advantage and, ultimately, enjoy a better experience.

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Our Approach

Add Value

The best way we can add value is to provide CONFIDENCE to those who are making some of the most important and emotional decisions in their life. Additionally, helping them make more money at no additional cost, typically, seems to be pretty effective, too.

Engage Early

The entire home buying and selling process can be a long process. The sooner we can engage a consumer, the more likely we are to help them make successful decisions.


Information overload is causing less certainty and bad decisions in the market than ever. We believe true education is only achieved when the consumer is armed with compelling information that leads them to make better decisions more often.

Focus on Success

Home buying or selling success to us means making a real estate purchase as though it is, and it typically is, the biggest investment a person will make. To do that, focusing more on data than emotion should be the goal.

Our blog

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    23 07-2015
    Does it make a difference if your house is empty or occupied while you sell it?

    Does it make a difference if your house is empty or occupied while you sell it? The results are surprisingly consistent. Watch this video to see why there is a difference.

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    23 07-2015
    Should I Update the Kitchen

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  • First Time Home Sellers
    07 07-2015
    First Time Home Sellers

    In real estate there seems to be a lot of focus placed on first time home buyers. Often lenders hold seminars to educate first time home buyers or a lot of online content is created around this audience to...


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